Friday, 9 February 2007

Friday singing in the Cathedral

Today is Friday, so there's singing in St Patrick's Cathedral at lunchtime today (1pm mass). This practice began quite by chance early last year, when I happened to be doing the readings and Dean (Monsignor!) Baron was doing the liturgy. I knew the psalm, so I decided to sing it--and that must have inspired the Dean, because he then led us in singing the rest of the mass. He has a very pleasant chanting voice, and chants very naturally. Since then, we have agreed to have singing at mass on all Fridays (exposition afterwards until 3pm), and on all major festivals when we have a hymn or two also. This is done completely unaccompanied by any musical instrument. The strength of the singing shows that Catholics CAN sing, and that all is needed is a little enthusiasm, the willingness to have a go, and the desire to lift up your voices and not just your hearts to the Lord!

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