Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Changes at the Cathedral

Well, we have a new dean at St Patrick's Cathedral, Fr Gerard Johnson. With the changes in the Presbytery, come changes to the usual "Friday Lunchtime Sung Mass". Dr Cox, the Cathedral Capelmeister, has appointed yours truly as a "Reserve Cantor" for the Cathedral, and has also determined that rather than having regular Friday sung masses, we will, from now on, observe this custom on weekdays which are Solemnities or Feasts.

A new program has been established, which brings the settings for the ordo and the psalmody into line with what is used on Sundays. Most of it is new to me as a Cantor, although I am familiar with it as a mass-goer-in-the-pew. I was as nervous as all get out last Friday for "The Triumph of the Cross", cantoring (unaccompanied) with Gregorian tones before a new dean and with the Capelmeister in the pews checking out how well it all went.

As an idea of what we do, we are using Proulx's responsive English version of the Missa de Angelis Gloria, and the Latin Agnus Dei from Mass XVIII. The psalm settings are Dr Cox's--and utilize the NRSV rather than the Grail.

No hymns at this stage...

Next Lunchtime Missa Cantata will be for the Feast of St Matthew, this Friday at 1pm.

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