Monday, 19 January 2009

Hymn for the Conversion of St Paul

In case you are wanting do take up the Holy Father's suggestion of observing the Conversion of St Paul this Sunday, here is a song you might want to use. You can sing it to Aurelia ("The Church's One Foundation"). I don't have an author for it. It is a modernised version of a hymn that appeared in Lindemann's Daily Office book, which I pilfered back when I was doing the Lutheran Worship Resources project.
We sing the glorious conquest
before Damascus' gate,
when Saul, the persecutor,
came breathing threats & hate;
the ravening wolf rushed forward
to make the sheep his prey,
but see! the Shepherd met him
and claimed his life today!

O glory beyond telling
that struck across his path!
O light that pierced and blinded
the zealot in his wrath!
O voice that spoke within him
the calm, reproving word!
O love that sought and made him
the servant of the Lord.

Lord, teach your Church to love you,
& in the darkest hour
of weakness and of danger
to trust your hidden power.
For by your grace & mercy
Paul's hate & fear were bound,
and in your bold opponent,
your chosen saint was found.

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